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Older Carers Initiative would like to introduce three members of our community who are developing their lifestyle skills with the support of  an Equity Works Lifestyle Facilitator. These person-centred supports are provided in their local community, with the group currently taking up the challenge of deciding what opportunities they would like to achieve each week from cooking to building relationships. with other community groups and participating in a variety of activities. Each session is built around "doing with, not for"  with the men taking control of each detail that will make the day a success.

They are establishing their strengths including natural leadership, developing discussions around group options and thoughtfulness within the group. Existing friendships are enhanced and new friendships formed around common interests and the ability to decide, plan and achieve. The group are currently discussing opportunities to contribute a monthly written piece for this newsletter as who better to tell their story than the men themselves. In granting their permission to use these photos one member of the group replied  “We are now going to be FAMOUS” which may well be the case!!! We look forward to future editions when the group will introduce themselves to readers of this newsletter.

Enjoying the fruits of their labour


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